White Bream designs and produces solutions for field sensor applications.
We designed a versatile processor unit that works standalone or as a gateway for a CAN-bus based sensor network.

CAN-bus gateway device
Arduino CAN-bus node

Sensor Types

  • PT100 Temperature
  • Load-cell
  • Strain gauge
  • Ultrasonic waterlevel & waveheight
  • Pressure and pressure pulse
  • ...

Custom Solutions

In addition to the standard products, White Bream can also provide customized solutions. For example to include specific peripherals, or provide solutions to connect with 3th-party hardware. A device like the USB I/O Module originated from a customer request to interface with the mechatronic systems of a municipal garbage collection vehicle. As a matter of fact, the product offering for our sensor solutions was initiated by a CAN-bus centric customer project.

Five years warranty on labour