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AMD Embedded G-Series Fusion processor
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Very soon, the UNIGO vehicle computer system is to be upgraded to a new version which will run the AMD Fusion Embedded G-Series processor. Other noteworthy changes include a mixed mode GPS & Glonass receiver for increased sensitivity and coverage. Also some major improvements in the powersupply subsystems.

White Bream produces PC systems for automotive and industrial applications. These computers are build around industrial hardware modules such as ETX, XTX and Q-Seven. This allows for long time availabilily of a specific configuration. Most of the "car-computer" specifics, such as power supplies and GPS, are implemented on our proprietary mainboards. Such low-level integration allows for a very compact form-factor.

In addition to the essential PC hardware, also some auxilliary devices have been developed. These can be used with our UNIGO system. However, some of these accessoiries can also be used with generic 3th-party computers.

Raison d'être

Despite many low-cost ARM-based devices running Android or similar OS, there is still a significant market for vehicle mounted computers running regular desktop operating system such as Windows XP or Windows 7. Usually with the application frontend running in shell-mode so that the OS is not accessible to the operator. A very significant advantage of having a 'real' OS in the background is ease of communications with the backoffice and particulary convenient in application development.

In addition, most commercial PC systems such as regular mini-PCs, netbooks, tablets and laptops are not quite rugged enough to survive in an automotive environment. Especially not in public or commercial applications, which often require a daily uptime between 8 and 16 hours.

Custom Solutions

In addition to the standard products, White Bream can also provide customized solutions. For example to include specific peripherals, or provide solutions to connect with 3th-party hardware. As a matter of fact, a device like the USB I/O Module originated from a customer request to interface with the mechatronic systems of a municipal garbage collection vehicle. Somewhat more radical customisation is a completely new design around our technology, like the Custom Industrial PC Dutch.

14 juli 2015
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Five years warranty on labour
On top of the standard 2-years parts & labour warranty, White Bream offers free labour cost for three additional years!

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