Signal connection box to expand the I/O signals of the car computer.

Automotive USB 2.0 hub
Ruggedized USB hub with automotive power supply system.

TFT Monitors
Small touchscreen TFT monitors for in-vehicle use.

Most vehicle automation applications require some long distance wireless connectivity.

Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
Fast connectivity without 3G data costs or limitations.

Mini PCI express solution for PC-based ZigBee interface.

Tetra 'C2000'
Law enforcement applications often use Tetra networking for secure communication.

Compass sensor
module with 3-axis sensors for magnetic field, accelleration and angular speed.

Black Box data recorder
Recording of speed and various events to non-volatile memory, independent from host OS.

Antennas for GPS, GSM & Wifi
Various antennas for the GNSS and wireless connections.

Power & video cables
Connection systems for power and monitors.

1-Wire authentication
Activation and authentication using iButton security tags.

Miscellaneous hardware
Mounting hardware and other bits & pieces of that nature.

Mobile printer
Printers for in-vehicle use to facilitate in systems that need hardcopy output.

RearZone for CARGO
Expansion module for CARGO system to provide composite video and USB for rearseat monitors.

Preinstalled operating system and applications.