This IrDATM protocol stack is written for small embedded systems that need an easy to implement serial but wireless communication facility.
Some of the possible IrDA features are reduced according the IrDA Lite recommendations.

Layout of S131 IrDA stack


  • Secondary station mode,
  • Window size 1,
  • Packet size 64-2048 bytes,
  • SIR baudrates 9600-115200 bps,
  • Modular upper layer,
  • Ansi C

Supported protocols:

  • IrPHY (SIR framer),
  • IrLAP,
  • IrLMP,
  • TinyTP,
  • IAS,
  • IrLPT,
  • IrCOMM (3-wire)

System resources:

Family: Compiler: Derivate: ROM/Flash: RAM:
Freescale HCS12 Metrowerks Codewarrior 5.5.1272 MC9S12E128 6472 246
Renesas H8T HEW3/Kpit GnuTools 5.02 H8/3684 8866 282
Renesas H8T HEW4/Renesas C/C++ H8//38076R 8190 256
Zilog Z8 Encore! Zilog ZDSII ? 16644 ?? 488 ??

All numbers represent the size of the infrared code (in library) with minimal configuration;
framesize = 64, baudrate = 9600, IrCOMM only.


Item: Description: Status: Price: Action:
83-131-110Infrared secondary station protocol stack source licenseIn stock€ 1500 ex VAT

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